Why cannot professional associations work together?

We continue to post messages or images on social media from our upcoming book on Project Management beyond Waterfall and Agile.

Today we post from chapter 2.

Today, in the world of project management, there are numerous professional societies and associations advocating project management. Many of these are global organizations with national or local chapters or affiliated organizations. It is not possible to offer a detailed study of these associations, but a brief mention would be appropriate and necessary. To our knowledge, the associations mentioned here are non-profit organizations.

Reflecting on the above (chapter text is not shown here – hence the multiple lines), one may notice that these associations could supplement each other because their areas of focus are quite diverse. However, it is unfortunate that, at times, they compete rather than collaborate.

Later in the book, the author makes the case that these associations do indeed offer complementary products, and the offered solution covered in Section II of this book integrates some of what these associations offer.

The Customizable and Adaptable Methodology for Managing Projects™ include elements from these various associations.

CAMMP™ endeavors to integrate this knowledge and transform concepts into a practical, comprehensive, systematic, and adaptive methodological approach.

The aim is to encourage organizations (governmental, non-governmental, for-profit, and not-for-profit) wanting to deliver projects successfully and reach the highest level of organizational
project management maturity and these entities should consider integrating the learning from
these associations to maximize their chances of success and realize the benefits of their initiatives.

Project management is a vital contributor to organizational performance. CAMMP™ and
this book are starting points; where to go from here is a challenge to organizations, which they
can convert into opportunities for continual success.

Mounir Ajam