Why should you consider investing in the Uruk Platform?

I know that I am biased, but I hope you can hear me out with an open mind. Consequently, why do we think that SUKAD Corp’s cloud-based solution, the Uruk Platform, would be the Engine of Project Success? Why do we believe it WILL BE a leading project management software solution? Here it is:

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What are the differences between Project Management Methodology and Project Management Framework?

This is another blog and video from the SUKAD “It Depends” series. In this case, it is No 04. This post addresses this question: what are the differences between Project Management Methodology and Project Management Framework?

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What is traditional project management?

We have published a poll on LinkedIn asking this question: “When you hear the term ‘traditional project management,’ what do you think is the meaning of ‘traditional’?”

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Do you realize that the PMP is not equivalent to Project Management?

I have posted the image on LinkedIn with a short message. As a result, we are getting many views and reactions. Therefore, we think it is worth sharing with our readers here. I do not want to re-create the discussions here, so why not view the discussion on LinkedIn?

PMP and Project Management

Click here for the discussion on LinkedIn. Please note, this discussion is not about the value of the PMP certification. It is primarily to clarify that the project management domain is much broader than a single certification can cover.

Do we know when are a project’s starting and ending points?

Most of us who work on projects and project management understand that a project has a project life cycle; some like to call project life span. The project life cycle indicates starting and ending points. Further, the PMBOK(r) Guide defines the project as “temporary,” implying the beginning and end. However, do we know or agree on when are a project’s starting and ending points?

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Would the Uruk Platform work for project owners?

I was talking with a friend about investing in The Uruk Platform. He does some work with government agencies, like ministries of transportations, oil & gas, and other entities that build “facilities.” Further, these government entities have highly defined specifications and requirements for every part of the project, like Design Management, Construction Management, etc. Therefore, would a project management methodological approach, like CAMMP and the Uruk Platform, work for them?

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Why, what, who, and how of the Uruk Platform?

If you are one of the professionals who follow our blog site and social media, you probably know that SUKAD Corp is developing the Uruk Platform. Further, you might know that we have launched an equity crowdfunding campaign. Crowdfunding is necessary to raise funds to continue developing this pioneering cloud-based solution. Consequently, today we decided to write about the Uruk Platform and share the why, what and who, and how.

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What are the challenges for Project Management fundraising?

In this article, we are posting about something to think about! It is targeting project management professionals, investors, and angel investors. In this post, we are trying to describe the current investing scene (or lack of) in project management solutions. If you are in project management, we ask you to take a minute to read this message! What is in it for YOU? Read on …

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How can YOU contribute to the future of project management?

In today’s post, we want to invite you to become part of the journey in making project management a critical domain for ALL industries. Also, our aim is to set project management skills essential for business success. Therefore, we ask the question: how can YOU contribute to the future of project management? What can you do in helping us achieve these vital objectives?

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How Startup Funding Work? The Uruk Platform Campaign

Finally, we have achieved a major milestone. It is an achievement, but it is only a stepping stone on the journey of project management excellence. The news today is that, with the help of WeFunder, we have submitted our plan for an equity-based crowdfunding campaign with the US Government, and we are ready to roll. The private campaign for equity-crowdfunding for the Uruk Platform starts now.

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