IMHO, Ajam’s PM Thoughts, Video Series

Starting with the next post, we will be posting a series under the label IMHO, Ajam’s PM Thoughts.

IMHO, Ajam’s PM Thoughts

  1. IMHO = In my humble opinion.
  2. These will be videos, recorded casually and without a script.
  3. Some topics will be educational
  4. Others will be to raise awareness about a certain concept or association or …
  5. Others might be critique and maybe controversial
  6. Many videos will be in English and Arabic and will post both

We will not post any text – just links to the videos on the SUKAD YouTube Channel.



Is making a cup of coffee a project?

Is making a cup of coffee a project? How about a sandwich? Taking a shower? Grocery shopping?

Years ago, we had published an article on the difference between tasks and projects and to answer the above questions, it would be good to update and re-publish that articles.

What triggered the current article is a recent post on social media when someone included the following: making a cup of coffee it is a project but getting a cup of coffee from a vending machine is operation.

Well,  Continue reading

What is the main use of the WBS?

There is a discussion going on on Facebook about WBS and what would be the use of the WBS. Like many PMP questions, the real world answer might be slightly different than the PMP exam.

Here is the question posted without editing.

What is WBS used for :
1- only for complex project
2-used for planing
3-top to down list of activities
4–down to top itemes of project

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Should some of the PMBOK Guide planning processes be split up?

This text is also from our upcoming book and is a continuation of the previous article.

As mentioned already, for some of the knowledge areas, such as scope, time, cost, and risk there is a definite split between management planning processes and detailed planning processes. The earlier discussions on scope elaborated on this concept in text and graphics. The same analogy applies to risk, time and cost. Continue reading

How to better understand the planning processes of the PMBOK Guide?

Although this article is independent of the previous one, it would be useful to read the last article first. This article is also part of a book that is currently with the publisher and likely to be released to the market before the summer.

The following discussion is for the planning processes, within a phase. It is based on PMBOK® Guide, but a similar analysis can be used for ISO 21500.

There are processes, one in each knowledge area that focuses on the management of the knowledge area, including all other processes.

Management Planning

For example “Plan Scope Management[1] is about: Continue reading

Why some processes are not PMBOK Guide processes?

We know, the title may sound awkward or missing a few words, this is why we need to read on.

What are we talking about?

Maybe the question should be what is (1) a process and (2) a PMBOK Guide process?

In the context of this article, Continue reading

Once again, are the process groups = project phases?

We realize that we discuss this topic often, and others do as well on various online platforms and social media sites. Yet, we continue to see PMPs, PMI Registered Education Providers (REP), “PMP Instructors” confuse this concept and think that the process groups are project phases.

Even when they say they are not the same, once we go into applying the concept, they fall into the trap of “Planning Phase” and “Execution Phase”. Continue reading