What is the difference between product scope and project scope?

ISO 21500 mentions the need to have three types of processes to deliver projects, project management processes, product processes and support processes. However, ISO focuses on the PM Processes.

PMBOK Guide is not as explicit but reading and understanding the guide it would be clear that the guide, like ISO 21500, focuses on the PM processes but we realize that there are also product-related processes.

So are there two type of scope? Well, I always advise my class participants, especially in the PMP Exam Prep workshops to watch out for the word scope since, used loosely, it could mean many things.

Some consider what the PMBOK Guide calls Project Statement of Work as scope – well, it is the high-level statement defining the “Product Scope” or the output of the project. A WBS reflects the project work scope whereas a PBS (not mentioned in the PMBOK Guide if we are not mistaken) is related to the product scope.

To learn more, this link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RHvnvmXY4UI is a video on this topic.