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What is the link of OPM to QMS and organizational culture?

Organizational Project Management

In a recent workshop on organizational project management (OPM) a participant asked me what is the link of OPM to QMS, Quality Management System?

Before we can answer, let us briefly explain what is a process and how processes fit into our lives and our organizations. Continue reading

How to manage a project across the project life cycle?

Managing a project across the project life spanOut of the 5 eBooks that we have published to date, this one is closer to my heart.

In this eBook we cover a few major topics that are often lost by project management professionals (PMP) and those who study the PMBOK® Guide.

The PMBOK® Guide only briefly mention the project life cycle but put a great deal of emphasis on knowledge areas, process groups and processes.

The main focus of this eBook is how to map these topics ACROSS the project life cycle? In prior articles, we discussed mapping the process groups to the project life cycle but today we focus on some of the knowledge areas. Continue reading