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Forget about building the PMO, build the project management system!

A large percent of organizations – at least in the “West” – have project management offices (PMO), so why are we saying “forget about building the PMO”? Well for once to grab your attention:).

The PMO PoliceOn a serious notes, some organizations that are implementing a PMO, they implement with it the project management system and this is good – we can learn from these organizations. On the other hand, some organizations implement a PMO – supposedly to improve project management in the organization – but what they end up implementing is a reporting (spy) agency or a police force. Continue reading


What is a PMO and how to differentiate between PMOs?

What is a PMO? Is it Project Management Office, Program Management Office, or something else?

In this article we are shedding some lights on the emerging (or growing trend) of something called PMO. This is the first article on PMOs and there will be more. Continue reading