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How to build a sustainable project management system?


Over the last 2 to 3 weeks we have published 5 articles about project management, project management office, and failure in implementing project management. These five articles build on each others leading to this sixth article in the series. Continue reading

What are the gaps in PM/PMO and how to close them?


  • What are the gaps in project management, specifically in PMO implementation?
  • How to close these gaps?

Over the last few days we had published a few articles on PMO: Program or Project Management Office.

With the above articles, we addressed some factors on the “gaps” and today we address closing the gaps. Continue reading

Why some PMO fails or are challenged?

Why some (or maybe many) Project Management Offices fail?

What are the gaps in PMO implementation?

What is the organizational impact?

Why failed PMO might damage project management in the organization or at least dilute its value? Continue reading

Eight possible functions of a PMO: the PMO Continuum مع تسجيل صوتي بالعربي

What are the eight possible functions of a project or program management office?

In the previous article we established:

  • The PMO, typically, is for the organization and not for one project or program
  • The PMO, typically, is an organizational unit
  • Not all PMO are the same
  • PMO typically stands for Project Management Office or Program Management Office Continue reading