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Why some PMO fails or are challenged?

Why some (or maybe many) Project Management Offices, PMO fails? What are the gaps in PMO implementation that could be contributing to their failures? What is the organizational impact? Why a failed PMO might damage project management in the organization or at least dilute its value? Many questions we are posing here to open the discussion.

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What are the possible PMO functions? The PMO Continuum

What are the possible PMO functions? In the context of this article, a PMO can be a project or a program management office. Today, we discuss eight possible functions along the PMO Continuum.

In the previous article we established:

  • The PMO, typically, is for the organization and not for one project or program
  • The PMO, typically, is an organizational unit
  • Not all PMO’s are the same
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What is a PMO and how to differentiate between PMOs?

What is a PMO? Is it a Project Management Office, Program Management Office, or something else? How to differentiate between the different types of PMOs? In this article, we are shedding some lights on the emerging (or growing trend) of something called PMO. This is the first article on PMOs and there will be more.

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