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Three principles of project management … ?

This is the first of a series of short articles on “Three principles of …

In this article we will just tease you and introduce the various sets of three principles …

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Career UnCovered: Mounir Ajam, CEO of SUKAD

In this post, we decided to share an interview that Bayt.com (“The Middle East’s #1 Job Site) conducted with our CEO, Mr. Mounir Ajam, as part of their Employer and Careers Insights. The interview is from November 2009. We include here without editing! Continue reading

Case studies, failures, successes, and capital projects

This is a summary blog!

We have recently been publishing on case studies. In the last two weeks we published four case studies and we had published another one in the past.

The following is a list of the blog posts specific to case studies:

  1. Case Study | A failed PMO implementation
  2. Case Study | working across continents/organizations
  3. Case Study | Innovative planning and execution techniques
  4. Case Study | Project control and stakeholders’ involvement
  5. Case Study | From adversaries to integrated (project control) team

It is also worth noting that these case studies are available on our Project Management Knowledge Portal.

Most of the above case studies comes from capital projects.

To build on the above and other case studies, SUKAD has developed a 2-day workshop on Case Studies for Capital Projects. The various case studies that we will discuss in that workshop include failed and successful projects and address these projects from different perspectives. These projects also included cost plus and fixed price contracts.

Project Management Courses in Cyprus this SeptemberSUKAD is offering the above workshop and others in Cyprus the first week of September! I will be leading a couple of the workshops and my colleague Luc Bauwmans will lead the other two courses.

These workshops would be highly interactive and our principle consultants have direct personal experience in the various topics, which is gained through working on various global projects.

Case Study | Innovative planning and execution techniques

Mounir Ajam @ PM360 Conference SingaporeThis article is the second of a series of articles where we presented case studies from the author own projects’ experience. We have recently presented these case studies as a workshop; part of a Project Management Conference (PM360) in Singapore that was organized by Knowledge Method, sponsored by RMC Project Management, and supported by SUKAD and two other partners. Continue reading

Ethics in work and life: Lessons learned from sports

A while ago we published a blog called “performance and state of mind, lessons learned from sports”. In it we discussed how a focused mind could overcome big challenges and push people beyond their limits, while staying in control, and how relentless preparation and training can help achieve this state of mind.

In this blog we discuss how our decisions can determine the outcomes of things in life, for better or worse, and how we have to live with those decisions. It also illustrates that it is never too early to make the right decision. Continue reading

“Don’t get on the bus without us”, personal lessons learned

This article is a personal story – it is an experience I had while working on a project where I learned a key lesson that I have been carrying with me since and use on a regular basis. More than once, this lessons helped me get out of difficult situations and avoid making a mistake. Continue reading