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How do we differentiate between estimate, forecast, and actual?

As we continue working on the development of the Uruk Platform, many questions come up. Some of these questions are about terminology and using terms out of context. For example, when you hear the term ‘project cost,’ estimated cost, budget, approved plan, forecast, or actual? The same thing for the project duration or the completion date. How to ensure a properly working software, without ambiguity? How to ensure consistency of terms for the various project management metrics and dashboards? Further, in a software solution, we have to be careful and consistent. Consequently, we need a glossary of terms, which is what we are, including in the Uruk Development Guidelines. Further, this post covers one of those areas of potential confusion.

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What are the differences between Variances and Changes?

Another article (without video this time) in the “It Depends” educational series. Today we discuss the common confusion on project variances and project changes. We will also discuss corrective actions, preventive actions, and the different types and categories of change. Further, we will discuss whether variances are changes or not.

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What are the differences between A & B? The ‘It Depends’ Series

In project management, the answer to many questions often starts with, “It Depends.” For example, what is the definition of a project? It Depends. What are the differences between PBS and WBS? How to differentiate between scope creep and scope change? Therefore, we decided to launch a knowledge-sharing series with the title “It Depends.” In other words, the “It Depends” knowledge series would help answer these questions and more. The series includes short videos of these articles, and in the future, there will be additional references.

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