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Do you want to learn how to apply a project management methodological approach?


The following file include information about what we are willing to share. To gain access to these e-books in the future, stay connected to one of our engagement social media sites and you will get notifications when an e-book is ready to share.

Tailored Methods

The ebooks include case studies, using tailored methods based on the SUKAD CAMMP Methodological Approach. To learn more about tailoring methods, why not check this YouTube Playlist.

SUKAD Published Books

What are SUKAD contribution to project management?

This post is part of our outreach and a bit of promotion. Today, we present our knowledge sharing initiatives and activities. Continue reading

The shift from traditional management to project management


In the last article, we discussed the growth of project management as an emerging domain or profession. Today, we will shift to a discussion of traditional management and what led to professional project management. Continue reading

Project management a growing domain


With this article we are starting a new series with the theme Project Management Current Reality: Challenges and Opportunities. I am not sure how many posts will fall under this theme but will try to address various topics, each in a dedicated short and concise post. Most of these topics are from the first three chapters in an upcoming eBook that we are publishing, which we will share on our project management knowledge portal once available. Continue reading