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What are the gaps in PM/PMO and how to close them?


  • What are the gaps in project management, specifically in PMO implementation?
  • How to close these gaps?

Over the last few days we had published a few articles on PMO: Program or Project Management Office.

With the above articles, we addressed some factors on the “gaps” and today we address closing the gaps. Continue reading

Eight possible functions of a PMO: the PMO Continuum مع تسجيل صوتي بالعربي

What are the eight possible functions of a project or program management office?

In the previous article we established:

  • The PMO, typically, is for the organization and not for one project or program
  • The PMO, typically, is an organizational unit
  • Not all PMO are the same
  • PMO typically stands for Project Management Office or Program Management Office Continue reading