Is PMI a follower or a leader?

I cannot help it seeing the PMI huge focus in recent months on benefits realization and benefit management. It is like PMI discovered a way to go to Mars and back in one week.

Yours truly, an independent professional running a small project management service provider and my colleague Luc Bauwmans, have been talking about benefits management as part of our project success model that we had developed almost 10 years ago.


The Four Dimensions of Project Success | by SUKAD

Other organizations have also been talking about benefits realization for a few years already. In other words, PMI is a new comer to this topic – but we are sure now many PMI’ist will think that PMI invented this.

I am happy that PMI is talking about this – since PMI is the largest PM organization in the world they can help spread the message and this is good. What we do not like or appreciate is PMI making this sound like it is their invention without crediting the people who have been promoting this for a decade or more.

There are other examples that have similar stories, such as Agile, Business Analysis, Program Management, among other topics.

In conclusion, with situations and example like this, is PMI a follower or a leader in project management? Yes they are the largest and most wide-spread but does that makes them the best or most innovator or leader in the field of creating project management knowledge? They are good at disseminating knowledge, maybe a bit late, but as they say “later better than never”.

What do you think?

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