Is building a PMO the right answer or do we need OPM?

This article (actually a presentation) is a follow up to the last post on OPM.

At the end of September 2014, we had the pleasure and opportunity to support the Dubai International Project Management Forum ( where we led a 3-hour workshop on how to build the organizational project management system. The workshop slides were in the previous post.

In addition to the workshop, we had a short presentation on how to transform from PMO (project management office) to OPM (organizational project management).

The following are the slides from the presentation.

Organizational Project Management

Organizational Project Management

SUKAD offer this topic as a 4-day or 3-day workshop, where we provide quite a bit of detail about our approach for building the OPM System.

In our workshop, we propose a program approach to build a sustainable system for managing projects in organizations. We also propose an extended approach for better assimilation and benefits realizations.

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