How to select a project management training provider?

See note at the end for a disclaimer

Why This Article

Due to the popularity of project management certification, especially PMP Training, we have seen since 2005 a huge jump in training providers, at least in the region we operate in. There is nothing wrong in an increase in number of providers as long as they are quality providers. Yet, this is not the case! Read more

Issues with Some Training Providers

Here are some observations about the issues with project management training providers. Although this is written from a West Asia perspective, we believe it is common to other regions.

  • Quite a few providers have no courses other than CAPM or PMP training,
  • Quite a few providers have no project management or Project Management Professionals (PMPs) on their staff; in other words, all of their instructors are freelancers,
  • There are many providers who are in the business of English Language or software training (Excel, PowerPoint) and adds a PMP class to their offerings, revenue opportunity,
  • Most will state in their advertisement that they have “expert project managers” with “industry experience” but most will not even give the name, CV, or profile for the instructor … so one has to trust them, or not to …
  • Many freelance instructors do not have “true” or “significant” project management experience – yet they are PMPs … how? Another story …
  • I have personally interviewed many applicants to join our company as “instructors” and most of them fail my “acid test” on basic project management knowledge such as project life cycle, project plan, project management plan
  • Some say they have 5, 10, 15 years experience; but you need to ask doing what? Is this 5, 10, 15 years in project management or something else like developing software … or …
  • I can add more but this enough for now

So What Is the Answer?

In order for project management training not to be a Bazar … we have attached for you a list of points to consider on How to Select a Project Management Training Provider.

You do not have to accept it all but it is for you to consider before selecting where you will take your PMP Training or any other project management learning program.

This is very important for Learning and Development Managers to consider before selecting a provider to do an in-company course.

Download the How to Guide: How to Select a Project Management Training Provider


A Disclaimer: SUKAD, the company hosting this blog is a project management solutions provider, and we do provide project management training as part of our learning and development division. We do believe competition is health and necessary so what we are stating here is not about the concept of competition but quality of service to our professional community.