How to balance project management conflicting emotions?

This post is mostly about thinking out loud and sharing our thoughts with you. Balancing these feelings is tough.

Mounir-Ajam-SUKAD-Co-FounderI am passionate about project management and have been working in this domain almost my entire career; spanning three decades and working around the globe.

At times, project management, or at least the learning industry, has become a commodity. Many providers and even universities are often about copy-paste culture, linking to one resource. The link to (following) this single resource, just because it is popular – not because it is complete, which is not.

I think the PMBOK Guide by PMI is a very good resource, but it is not complete nor enough to manage projects. I think PMI is money driven, rather than professionally driven, which is impacting the quality of the guide and the emerging profession. Its PMP certification is valuable but not the best in project management; although it could be.

There are numerous other associations equal if not better than PMI; such as GPM Global, IPMA, GAPPS, AACE, and various others.  There is various PM Certifications equal or better than the PMP; such as IPMA-C and others.

Some providers often post PMP questions on social media, and some of those questions are annoying since these PMP questions are not the real world and do not enhance the learning of project management. We are not sure how close these are to the actual exam questions, but some providers make a lot of money from this; whether it is right or wrong.

Yet, in our region, the PMP is still in demand – and we deliver prep workshops; and one of the best if not the best.

How to balance?

No idea, but one can manage.

We manage by offering the best service that we can, regardless of our view.

We lead by conducting research, and development of new concepts.

We pursue the development of a methodology and an organizational project management system.

We publish books, e-books, and these blogs to share what we know.

Yet, can we continue under these conditions?

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