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SUKAD VP Drafted Into UAE National Karting Team

SUKAD Vice President and Principal Consultant, Mr. Luc Bauwmans received an invitation to partake in the ROTAX Grand Finals karting championship as part of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) National team. This event takes place from 19 to 26 November 2011 at Al Ain Raceway in Emirate Abu Dhabi, UAE.

In the race, 264 of the best ROTAX racers from over 60 countries will come to do battle on the magnificent racetrack in four different categories.

Luc-Bauwmans-Vice-President-Kart-RacingMr. Bauwmans, who will be racing in the DD2 Masters category, said: “I am proud to represent the UAE in an international sporting event of this caliber. I want to thank Al Ain Raceway and ROTAX for making this possible. It is a dream comes true. I also wish to thank Mr. Mounir Ajam, SUKAD CEO, for his support and for giving me the time to pursue this dream”.

“The karting sport is relatively unknown in UAE, and we hope events like this will raise awareness and interest. Racing is not unlike project management because they both need relentless preparation and faultless execution to be successful;” added Mr. Bauwmans.

Mr. Bauwmans’ selection was based on his ROTAX Max Challenge result in the 2010-2011 national karting championship, where he finished second in the ROTAX Max Masters category.

“We are proud to have my colleague, friend, and project management expert, Luc Bauwmans, to be selected for this honor and wish him and the UAE Team, the best in this race and all challenging endeavors … the SUKAD team is cheering already.” said Mounir Ajam, SUKAD co-founder and CEO.

Luc (192) being pursued by senior Max racer Ali Al Najjar (137)

Luc (192) being pursued by senior Max racer Ali Al Najjar (137)