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PMO, PMD, and Org Structure

Should organizations have a PMO or a PMD? مع تسجيل صوتي بالعربي

Ah – abbreviations – abbreviations. PMO, PMD, PMF, PM, OPM, what do all of these things mean and should we care?

Well, let us start with the last part of the opening sentence, should we care?

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Can we challenge your conventional wisdom?

Can we challenge your conventional wisdom?

Today is one of those days when I wish I had more humor to deal with a difficult topic. Read on

In your organization, do you have a FMO or eFMO?

How about a cHRMO?

No, then for sure you have an MMO or TMO.

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What is new in iSMILE™ series?

Just a few days ago, we posted a couple of introductory videos to the iSMILE™ series of short videos. These are short videos, which would be less than 5 minutes, ideally, and preferably less than 3 minutes.

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