Can we challenge your conventional wisdom?

Can we challenge your conventional wisdom?

Today is one of those days when I wish I had more humor to deal with a difficult topic. Read on

In your organization, do you have a FMO or eFMO?

How about a cHRMO?

No, then for sure you have an MMO or TMO.


Am I losing you?

What am I talking about?


And when you give up – scroll down and continue to read, if you do not mind.

Looking for creating a project management cultureWhat are these you might ask

Well, the “MO” is management office – so think again, do you have a TMO or eMMO or any of these MO’s?

Probably not – in my decades of work around the globe, this old man has not encountered many MO’s like these.

Some might have guessed about where I am going with this.

I am sure you do not have a FMO (Financial Management Office) because you have an FD (Financial Department or Division). Instead of MMO (Marketing Management Office) you have MD (Marketing Department) and so on.

OK – so what?

How about a PMO? Many organizations today have PMO and some do not. OK, not bad. But have you wondered why PMO instead of PMD (Department or Division)? The chance is this, unless you work in capital projects, your organization will NOT have a PMD.

Why is that?

Why do we accept a FD or MD but not a PMD?

Let us look at the situation from another angle.

Can you imagine – in your wildest dreams – your organization without a Finance Department or HR Department or event Marketing or Technology Department? If not — and — your organization deliver value through projects, then why no independent project management function?

Can you share your views with us?