Are these concepts tailoring considerations or normal practice?

We did already write about tailoring and the PMBOK Guide, and should tailoring be at the organizational or project level. Today we add more by focusing on some of the content of the guide integration knowledge area.

The PMBOK Guide Six Edition now include tailoring considerations in each chapter. The following is an excerpt from integration; only headlines.

“Because each project is unique, the project manager may need to tailor the way that Project Integration Management processes are applied. Considerations for tailoring include but are not limited to:

  • Project life cycle. What is an appropriate project life cycle? What phases should comprise the project life cycle?
  • Development life cycle.
  • Management approaches
  • Knowledge management.
  • Change. How will change be managed in the project?
  • Governance. What control boards, committees, and other stakeholders are part of the project? What are the project status reporting requirements?
  • …”

We have no issues with the needs for all of these topics. Every organization with mature practices and competent project managers should be doing these practices. Also, most of these topics were in the guide before. So what is new now? Why are these things considered “tailoring” practices?

So what is new now? Why are these things considered “tailoring” practices?

Why are these things considered “tailoring” practices?

Is this just a re-packing job or trying to emphasize the obvious since many project managers out in the world might not be qualified project managers?

I honestly do not see any significant new change here over what we have been saying for years that Project Management must be adapted to the project size, complexity, and importance.

In the end, I actually like this change, which emphasizes that in PM, one-size-fits-all does not work. Further, we stand by our position that tailoring must be embedded at the organizational level – the tailoring mentioned here is NORMAL Practice.

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