Where is the Beef – sorry Agile in PMBOK Guide? PGR3

We have been hearing about the #PMBOK Guide going Agile for a year now; or more. However, now the new #PMBOK Guide is out, where is #Agile?

This question reminds me of an old Wendy’s commercial about “where is the beef?”

I ask this question despite the fact that I know how or what many #Agilists will answer:

“It is in every chapter” …

and if we ask “where” …

They will say “in every chapter, under Tailoring”

Well, the last I looked, tailoring was a good Project Management Practice that has been around for decades. Even yours-truly has developed #CAMMP back in 2007 as a PM Methodology that is Adaptive and has to be tailored.

Good project managers, who work on REAL projects, understand that project management has to be tailored to an industry, type of project, or project classification. This is a good practice, if not PM 101 and it is not a unique Agile Practice.

Maybe the challenge is that so many project managers today, even those that have certain certifications, do not know what is a good practice. Maybe they never managed a project end-to-end or they are really technical guys disguised as project managers.

It is also annoying that GOOD PM Practices are now being claimed as #Agile Practices.

Finally, I have yet to hear or read about how #Agile is for “most projects, most of the time”. I would love to see how one can use Agile on a project, end-to-end, outside the software development industry.

Am I missing something?