What can you understand from these charts?

A few days ago, we posted an article on the PMP with an emphasis on changes to the numbers of PMP in relation with exam changes.

In this post, we will just post three graphics and let the readers comments.

Graphic 1

The first graphic shows the percent of PMP per PMI Members and the percent of all PMI certificate holders per PMI Members. The data is shown quarterly, where possible.

The percentages were dipping in the early 2008 but with the global crisis the numbers started to go up again. The numbers are percentages, which means the ratio of PMP & Certificate holders to Members are growing. In other words, the growth in number of certificate holders is growing faster than membership. Your views on this?

PMI Membership - PMP - Certification - 1

Graphic 2

The next image is the same but includes which PMI certificates are the numbers since most PMP certificates were added in recent years.

PMI Membership - PMP - Certification - 2

Here are some points on the second image:

  • Up until early 2010 PMI only had the PMP and CAPM.
  • At that time, PMI introduced the PgMP
  • Later, in early 2011, PMI introduced the RMP and SP
  • Also in 2011 PMI introduced the Agile certificates
  • Finally, in 2014 PMI introduced the PfMP and PBA

In the second image, we also show the number of holders for each of the certificates.

Graphic 3

The third image shows all PMI certifications except the PMP and CAPM since they have been around for a while. Read the data right to left 🙂

PMI All Other Certificates

To the far left – bottom; one can notice the two most recent certificates.

The number of holders of these certificates should be in line with those numbers listed with the second graphic.


  1. How do you read these graphics?
  2. What is positive or negative about them?
  3. Can you predict what trends we would continue to see in the future?

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