What are the changes in PMBOK Guide, Standard Part? PGR6

Continuing with the review of the PMBOK Guide, Part 2, the Standard Part, this is another post and a short one, on Section 2 – Initiating.

PMBOK Guide, Part 2, Section 2

This section is allocated to discuss the initiating process group.


There is nothing new. What we like to remind everyone is the following:

  1. The initiating processes are the processes to initiate a project or a phase,
  2. They are typically revisited with each phase, and
  3. The project is approved and authorized pre-initiating.

Section 2.1

This section is specific to the Develop Project Charter process. Our comments:

  1. Here we start to read about the use of the process categories (the 3 categories mentioned in an earlier post)
  2. The charter process is a process that is used once or at predefined points in the project. So, it appears that the Standard reinforces the point that we have made for many years that this process is repeated (see image).
  3. As input, we used to have the project statement of work but that is now replaced with Business Documents.
  4. The output also includes a new thing, the Assumption Log.

Project and Phase Charters

Section 2.2

This section is the Identify Stakeholders process. There is nothing new here except the new of the process categories (3 categories). This process belongs to the category “process is performed periodically throughout the project” which means whenever it is needed.

That is all!