SUKAD Published Books

What are SUKAD contribution to project management?

This post is part of our outreach and a bit of promotion. Today, we present our knowledge sharing initiatives and activities.

Project Management E-Books

9 PM e-books by SUKADIn four years of publishing e-books (5 in 2013, 2 in 2014, and 2 in 2016), we have achieved 677,574 downloads, an average of 20,110 per month; since a given e-book was published. The figures in the table are to the end of 2016.

Downloads Numbers of Ajam e-BooksMany of these books are related to the SUKAD CAMMP™ Model, The Customizable and Adaptable Methodology for Managing Projects™ but the last two are related to the PMBOK Guide, including suggestions for improvement.

You can find these e-books either for free or a small fee with premium subscriptions.

The next step, working on it now (and for the next few months), is to update the 2013 published books and include questions (short tests) that would be available for premium members.

Project Management Books-in-Print

In addition to the e-books, we have published the following books that are available in bookstores, Amazon, and AuthorHouse in soft copy, hard copy, or electronic versions.

SUKAD Published Books

Our most recent work, Projects Delivery Excellence is currently with CRC Press for publication, hopefully before the summer. This latest work is our best so far and it covers Version 3 of the SUKAD CAMMP™ Model, The Customizable and Adaptable Methodology for Managing Projects™. Version 3 is a three-dimensional model than blend in the key concepts from ISO 21500, IPMA Competence Baseline, and GPM Global, along with the SUKAD work!

Other Knowledge Sharing

In addition to the publications,

  1. The SUKAD Project Management Knowledge Portal is available for SUKAD Clients and Friends, or by subscription.
  2. Further, the SUKAD Project Management Blog has 300 posts (as of 26 February 2017) and nearly 300,000 views of our articles.
  3. One more valuable resource is the SUKAD YouTube Channel with more than 140 short educational videos; also as of 26 February 2017.

Call for Action

If one person and a “small company” can do this, imagine if we have a group of #ArabWorld, true experts, publishing and developing our own content?

Imagine if we establish our own associations and our own research and development by great volunteers?

Cannot we use these resources and others to establish #ArabWorld PM certification with strict guidelines?

Is not the time to move away from the #copy_paste_culture or following a specific international association or its certifications?

المعرفة في ادارة المشاريع | العالم العربي وبفخر

We need to become independent from the #coffee_making_types_of_projects

المعرفة في ادارة المشاريع 40 | مشروع فنجان قهوة

What do you think? Would love to hear your opinion and even critique!