Two short videos on project management, entrepreneurship, and SUKAD

All of our blogs has been text blogs so far and we will experiment with video blogs in the future. In the mean time we want to share these two short videos with you all. You can access the videos through our Project Management Knowledge Portal via or directly from the host site per below.

The first video 1: Key elements of project management is a short videos (four minutes) that answers various question on project management, about 1 minute per question. The video is from an interview with SME Info, part of AME Info. The interview is in Arabic but there are English subtitles.

The second video 2 is SME Info Interview with SUKAD CEO. In this video, SME Info met with our CEO Mr. Mounir Ajam to talk about project management, starting a business, SUKAD, and the challenges an entrepreneur face. The video is part of SME Info Mentors’ series where they are interviewing a few executives to help promote the SME sector and inspire new entrepreneurs. The interview is also in Arabic but there are English subtitles.

Please let us know if you think this type of short videos works for you. You can also send us topics that you would like us to address either as short tips (1 to 2 minutes) or longer answers (less than 10 minutes) and we would be happy to do so.