Two years of project management blogs

After more than two years of project management blogging, we decided to revisit our old project management articles, update them and republish them. We hope they will be of value to you. We also want to take this opportunity and invite guest authors.


SUKAD is an organization with a focus on project management, organizational project management, and the strategic aspects of project management. SUKAD is based in West Asia but have delivered services in numerous countries.

Map 1
SUKAD World Map 1 | Services and Speaking Engagements

Map 2

SUKAD World Map 2 | Services and Speaking Engagements in our core Region

Two Blog Sites

Since you are reading this article, that means you already know our first blog site, which is this one. We also have another site where we publish some of the same articles but in Arabic (

In addition to these sites, we have been publishing some articles on LinkedIn – but usually those articles are replicates of what we publish here.

Blog Visitors from around the world

Guest Authors

The main author of these blog articles is Mounir Ajam. However, some articles are also by SUKAD VP Mr. Luc Bauwmans. We also welcome any guest who is interested in publishing here. Our conditions are:

  • The article must be on a project management or related topic.
  • Must be non-commercial in nature.
  • Must be original content.
  • Present your views or opinion, even if we do not have the same views.