The CAMMP™ Three Phases

A few days ago we started the number series. First, with an introductory post. The second article was about the

The second article was about the Four Dimensions of Project Success™.

Then we posted a semi-related article about project phases and stages, which lead us to today’s topic on the CAMMP™ Three Phases.

We think it is clear by now that a project must follow a certain project life cycle with a starting and ending points. A typical – generic – project life cycle has phases or stages, per the following image.

typical-project-life-cycleThe above image shows three phases (or stages), but that is highly dependent on the project type, domain, or organization.

However, shifting to The Customizable and Adaptable Methodology for Managing Projects™, CAMMP™ is based on the concept of three phases that would apply to any project. These phases are shown in the next image.


Finally, this link is to a video explaining these phases.

The next post will present a bit more details about each phase.

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