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Applied project management and project-based learning (PM4Y-02)

Once again, how to apply project management in the real world? We will continue with PM4Youth and focus on applied project management, using a project-based learning approach. However, before we get into the case study (next post), we will share a quick lesson with my boys. The first lesson was to help my eldest son Sumer to plan the next stage of his University Project.

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What is the difference between product scope and project scope?

ISO 21500 mentions the need to have three types of processes to deliver projects, project management processes, product processes and support processes. However, ISO focuses on the PM Processes. Continue reading

What is the main use of the WBS?

There is a discussion going on on Facebook about WBS and what would be the use of the WBS. Like many PMP questions, the real world answer might be slightly different than the PMP exam.

Here is the question posted without editing.

What is WBS used for :
1- only for complex project
2-used for planing
3-top to down list of activities
4–down to top itemes of project

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Do executives understand the risks of the accidental project managers?


This article is a follow-up on two prior posts that we published recently. It is also in response to various online exchanges on the topic of Accidental Project Manager. Continue reading

Looking for creating a project management culture

Are you an accidental project manager? The Working Woman!

If you read our last article and you are reading this article now good news and welcome back to a fun article.

In the last article we talked about the accidental project manager. We explained that the term was not offensive at all; if it were offensive, my project manager would have fired me a long time ago (imagine a funny face). She edited and approved this article after a lecture on my house duties with one task at a time (you will understand when you finish reading). Continue reading

Are you an accidental project manager? “The Halo Effect.”

What is the accidental project manager?

Is it someone who is clumsy and stumbles into too many accidents?

Absolutely not!

It is a term that somewhat common in project management.

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Decompose the project

Why some project management terms are so deadly?

Project management is a serious business and project management skills are crucial for all types of organizations today. However, it does not hurt to have some fun with this fascinating domain. In this article, we decided to play on words and learn the language of the living dead that – some of us – use from time to time. Continue reading