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Do you need a methodology for managing projects?

#Certification is good and has value but not enough on its own.

The #PMP is in high demand but is it enough to manage projects successfully? Continue reading

Program Life Cycle

How does SUKAD differentiate a project from a program?

This post includes excerpts from a Case Study that we will be publishing later this year. The post is from Chapter 1. The Case Study, let us call it MLP, or ML Program for now.

Project or Program

The question of project or program (project management or program management) often confuses practitioners of project management. This case study is not about project management versus program management, therefore, we will only offer the definitions that we follow in SUKAD Group, which are the basis for all of our work and the context in this case study. Continue reading

What is, and why organizations should adopt CAMMP™?

This post is an audio presentation of what is CAMMP™ and why organizations should consider and adopt it as their project management methodology. Click here. Continue reading