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Typical Day at Work

My story with my boss – the article before the movie!

This is a short blog just for fun – of course this is a story and not an actual situation although the scenario is inspired from experience! Only, the names are changed to protect the guilty and not embarrassed the victim — oops did I swap these? Although we are trying to be funny, we are addressing a real situation with team work, and working environment in the age of Facebook, Smart Phones … and other distractions. We are also addressing work ethics; indirectly.

My boss is mad at me!

I thought, I was going to be fired last week, but I survived. However, I do not know if I will make it safely this week!

A couple of days ago, she said to me “if you do not want to listen to anyone – you might as well find a boss who will accept that”. She had the arrogance to say that to ME – ME! Why? Only because I said “I do not listen to anyone”? What is wrong with that – at my work I like to do what I want – and if I do not like something I can ignore it or ignore the company guidelines and policies. Rules are meant to be broken, right?

So why my boss is mad at me – I do not know why.

It is a long story so I will only mention a few things; maybe that will explain the situation and you see that I AM RIGHT and she has no right to be mad!

For example – my boss spend a lot of time with me, trying to help me learn new skills in order to grow in my job and increase my salary – but who cares. Work is not a priority so why should I learn new things? I have a college degree and this is enough, is not it?

But then she caught me telling one of my colleagues “no one teaches me anything”. I had told my colleague, she is pretty, that no one teaches me anything except her … of course I was just trying to win favor with her – maybe a date; did I say she was pretty? What I did not realize that by saying so – my boss was hurt, especially with all the effort she is giving me. As we say in Arabic, mishkilta (her problem), right?

Another example

Last week, we were working from her house (the boss house not the pretty colleague). I forgot my PC at her house; why should I carry it? Others were working with us from her house, so no hanky-panky, no mojo; why did you think that – naughty you?

So I assumed that the next morning, she will bring it (my PC) for me to the office early – even though she was not going to come to the office early. After all – she is the boss and she is responsible for me – I had a party to go to and that is the TOP priority, not the PC.

My boss did not come to the office – so I waited – waited – waited – and waited more than an hour (almost 2 – this is what I claimed) and the boss is not here. Maybe she had a hot night herself what do I know. So I sent her a message saying “boss – I do not have my PC will you bring it for me?” The boss was not happy about it, so she told me it is not her job to be my courier. Did you hear that? She had the audacity to tell me “she is not my courier”. She is the boss and she is responsible; I know I must be right?

So I told her – “listen – I am busy and not in the mood“; I guess I was still under the effect of whatever I was drinking or smoking the night before. “Not in the mood“, “I am busy“, this is to my boss! So she said “I am not in the mood either“. Later I felt that what I did was like “open mouth – insert foot” but NO — it is NOT my fault! My boss MUST be responsible for my things … even when I forget other things here and there – she is responsible!

Anyway that day passed. My boss sent me home – no PC = no work! So I told her (indirectly) “F___, deduct the day from my salary”; after all – I had my pride, and pride is more important than money. F___ her and the job!

The next morning – I was at the office before the boss – a good sign!

When the boss arrived she said “good morning everyone” – everyone answered except me. What is good about this morning … she must apologize to me first since she did not find my lost stuff, carry my bag, and bring my PC. So I refused to talk with her all day — all day — since she did not apologize! I need to show her that I deserve respect!

OK the day went – next day was a weekend and here we are on another week. I am still not talking to her – except if there is something urgent. I ask her for things without even without saying hi or good morning; and I ensure that I am being a GROUCH to her face; so she knows I am mad at her.

This last example is from today. There are examples but these are enough to show you that I am right. Bosses do not respect their employees anymore and they do not listen to them. We need to revolutionize the business world!

Yesterday, I was working on something and my boss was reviewing my work – so back and forth until I thought I was done. My boss saw my last work and said “all OK except, make the picture larger”! Of course, as usual I was not paying attention – listening to music, thinking of one of my girlfriends (or all) … the usual important stuff. Since I was busy drowning in my world, I did not hear the boss telling me to modify the picture. This morning my boss asked me, “Where is the revised document?” I said, “I sent it to you yesterday” and since you are dumb “I am sending it to you twice now”. My boss replied – “I saw this and told you to make the picture bigger yesterday.” I said to myself, ‘now the boss is lying’ so I said to her “you did not tell me anything boss” … not realizing that I am the one usually spaced out and more than once I forget what my boss tells me.

Typical Day at WorkNext, I noticed my boss posted this picture on her Facebook page – since she knows I am on Facebook quite often throughout the day, or on the phone, or texting … or ensuring I look good to attract the young ladies!

Ouff – work is too much nowadays. Can someone tell my boss welcome to the new world? The employees do not listen to bosses anymore, and we what FREEDOM, but do not delay the check at the end of the month!


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