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Program Life Cycle

How does SUKAD differentiate a project from a program?

This post includes excerpts from a Case Study that we will be publishing later this year. The post is from Chapter 1. The Case Study, let us call it MLP, or ML Program for now.

Project or Program

The question of project or program (project management or program management) often confuses practitioners of project management. This case study is not about project management versus program management, therefore, we will only offer the definitions that we follow in SUKAD Group, which are the basis for all of our work and the context in this case study. Continue reading

Did the PMBOK indirectly change the definition of a project?

This is a follow-up article to the last one on project success.


  1. We did write in the past a few articles on the PMBOK Guide – what is good about it, what is missing, its inconsistencies, its gaps, and practitioners misunderstandings.
  2. A few weeks ago, PMI officially released the fifth edition of the PMBOK Guide
  3. This article focus on potential contradictions in a couple of the definitions in the Guide. Continue reading

How to differentiate between task and project?

A while back a colleague and client asked me “how can we differentiate between task and project?” For many, that may seem like a simple question but is it? Why the confusion?

Continue reading