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Is there one team for a given project?

In the previous post, we talked about Who are the people involved in delivering a project?

In that article, we discussed the various components of the Extended Project Team, Project Team, and Project Management Team. So regardless of what team we are talking about, is there one team for a given project?

What we mean here – on a project life cycle – is the team constant? Continue reading

The Extended Project Team

Who are the people involved in delivering a project?

This post is a section of a chapter on project management plan. It is per our CAMMP™ Model, Version 3, and from the Project Management beyond Waterfall and Agile book that will be published later this summer.

This section addresses the people aspects, a vital section of the Project Management Plan of a given project. Continue reading

Is project management for engineers only?

Is project management for engineers only?

Is it for engineering and construction projects only?

Or, is it for all aspects of life?

Here is the video.

Who are the project’s stakeholders?

In the past, we had shared presentations on this blog but only rarely.

Today, we will share a presentation with audio, which is an explanation of who are the project stakeholders that we present in an animated way.

If this works and we get good feedback, we will post more educational content. Therefore, it would be good to hear your feedback.

If you like to see the presentation only, without audio, please visit our slide share account via: The SUKAD Group Slide Share Account. You can also view via the SUKAD Group YouTube Account.

Click on the picture to open the video (presentation and audio).

Project Stakeholders | By SUKAD



Let us hope your stakeholders are not like this character.


“Don’t get on the bus without us”, personal lessons learned

This article is a personal story – it is an experience I had while working on a project where I learned a key lesson that I have been carrying with me since and use on a regular basis. More than once, this lessons helped me get out of difficult situations and avoid making a mistake. Continue reading

How can we define project manager effort in term of project’s communications?


On the PMI Lebanon Chapter LinkedIn Group, There is a discussion posted by a group member per the following title: “It is frequently said and taught that a project manager should spend around 90% of his time communicating. Do you think this statistic is exaggerated?” To read more about this topic click here.

The discussion is interesting but we will not cover it here. What we want to cover is a general topic, that is important in project management, which is how do we define project communication? Further, there is a question of 90% of project manager time. Continue reading