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How can we travel the project journey, successfully?

Road Maps to Travel the Project Journey: End-to-End

Almost every organization today deliver value to their shareholders, customers, or citizens and the community through projects. The vital question is how to enhance the chance of success, deliver excellence, and maximize value? How to ensure that the management of these projects will produce maximum benefits? Continue reading

Possible project life cycle model integrating adaptive principles

Is the project life cycle fixed or varies?

A recent post on the project life cycle has been generating quite a bit of interest and discussion on LinkedIn. The post is “Once again, what is the project life cycle?

Well, in this follow-up article, we will highlight some of the confusions that remain and present a few project life cycle examples. Continue reading

Project Management, Social Media, and (mis)information (مع تسجيل فيديو بالعربي)

It is quite common nowadays the use of social media to network, share knowledge, and learn. Project management is one of those domains that we also use social media for.

It is also common to find many groups on social media sites dedicated to project management, especially those sites advocating the PMP certifications and posting questions daily or hourly.

What are some of the issues, challenges, problems, and opportunities that we see with such groups? Continue reading

IMHO, Ajam Thoughts, CAMMP™ Phases

In the previous video, we discussed the concept of project phases and stages in a generic context. In this video, we focus on the SUKAD Customizable and Adaptable Methodology for Managing Projects and its three phases.

How to manage a project across the project life cycle?

Managing a project across the project life spanOut of the 5 eBooks that we have published to date, this one is closer to my heart.

In this eBook we cover a few major topics that are often lost by project management professionals (PMP) and those who study the PMBOK® Guide.

The PMBOK® Guide only briefly mention the project life cycle but put a great deal of emphasis on knowledge areas, process groups and processes.

The main focus of this eBook is how to map these topics ACROSS the project life cycle? In prior articles, we discussed mapping the process groups to the project life cycle but today we focus on some of the knowledge areas. Continue reading

How to implement project management in a not-for-profit environment – 1?

As I mentioned in the last post, I have recently been corresponding with a colleague on project management and how to apply project management in the not-for-profit / non-governmental-organizations (NGO) environment. Our correspondence led to two questions:

  1. What are the basic project management mechanisms to implement projects in the private sector? This was the topic of our last post, and
  2. Focusing on the NGO sector, what project management mechanisms should be used? In other words, lets talk about the process of project development (from initiation through implementation to termination) … this is today’s article.

One clarification: in the context of this article we will use NGO to refer to not-for-profit and non-governmental organizations. Continue reading

CAM2P™ – The Customizable and Adaptable Methodology for Managing Projects™

We would like to share with you another eBook that we are publishing. This is our third eBook in total, and the second in a 4-ebooks series. Continue reading