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PMP and Organizational Performance

A few images to clear the myth on the PMP

The following are a few images, posters maybe is a better word, to clarify a few myths about the PMP Certification (the Project Management Professional certification) by PMI (the Project Management Institute).

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How many hours – a project management satire!

To PMP or not to PMP that is the question!

I need to decide and I am looking for your help.

“You do not know me?”


That is OK … you can still help … I have SOME books – I do not know what they are, and I read some of them, maybe 30% so how many hours do I need to pass the PMP?

If you have not noticed yet, I am being sarcastic but the above situation is real. There are so many postings on online groups that asks silly questions (I know I will offend some – hopefully those who deserve to be offended). Continue reading

To trust or not to trust: a PMP training provider case

In this article we discuss a situation that is somewhat representative of the project management training – in particular PMP training. This case reflects some of the bad situations out in the market but we must stress this is not about all providers. Like everything else in life there are good, bad, and ugly situations.

We wrote this article almost 2 years ago but we see the situations are still around so we publish again! Continue reading