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CAM2P Project Life Cycle - 3 Levels

How to manage different types of projects?

We hope that our readers can understand and accept this commercial post. The vast majority of our posts are educational and offer learning in project management. On rare occasions, like this one, we publish a commercial post and we appreciate your understanding. Continue reading

How to manage for different project’s classification?

The world of project management is quite wide these days. There are projects in different types of organizations, from a variety of industries, and are of varying size or classification.

Should we manage them all the same way? Continue reading

Are most projects single phase or multiple phases?

Are most projects single phase or multiple phases?

We ask this question because we often hear: “I am working on an IT project” or “I am working on a construction project”. Is there such thing? Continue reading

Integrating Project Life Span with Process Groups

How to manage large and complex projects?

Over the last few years, we have been publishing this blog site, e-books, and books. Some of the articles were from the books that we are publishing and vice versa.

Today, as we close on 200 articles (this is no 200) we want to share with you our latest book, it is CAM2P™ for Mega Projects.

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Repeating Process Groups on the Project Life Cycle

How to integrate process groups into a project life cycle?

We have often written articles about the project life cycle, the process groups, and how many people confuse the process groups thinking they are project phases. You can search our blog site for these post articles. Continue reading

Writing a Book Project

Writing a Book Project – a sample per CAM2P™

The following is a description of our newest e-book on project management; the 7th in total and is available to the project management professional community at no cost (in most countries). Continue reading

What is the project life cycle – Service Provider Perspective

Today we continue with our series on “_________ Life Cycle” with a focus on the Service Provider perspective.

The following text is from our upcoming Redefining the Basics of Project Management book. Continue reading


What is the project life cycle – an example – Project Owner Perspective

Since our post on why project planning is not a project phase, and the question from a reader about “_______ Life Cycle” we have been writing about this subject.

We wrote about:

Today we will add with the definition and explanation of the project life cycle, with a focus on Project Owner perspective. Then, in a few days we will publish an article from a Service Provider perspective. Continue reading

Project Life Cycle - Phases - Process Groups - Knowledge Areas

Do you manage or execute projects?

In this article we address a major gap in the practice of project management today! Our hypothesis is that this GAP is one of the leading factors contributing to project challenges and failures. This is a controversial topic since it touches on what project management professionals practice – based on their understanding of global standards, such as the PMBOK Guide or other know-how. Continue reading

When is the best time to monitor and evaluate a project?

The inspiration

I was inspired to write this article after viewing a post on a LinkedIn group, posted the following question: “As a project manager when is the best time to monitor and evaluate a project, if for example the project will take up to 5 years“.

There were many comments posted in response, such as: Continue reading