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CAM2P Project Life Cycle - 3 Levels

How to build universal methodology for managing projects?

Let us expand on the question: how to build a universal methodological approach, for managing projects that is flexible enough to adjust for project type, domain, classification, or a learning platform (international standard)?

First, let us include some definitions. Continue reading

Is project management industry specific? (4/6 PM challenges)

This is the fourth, of six, articles on project management challenges. Article 1 discussed is project management simple, article 2 focused on is project management bureaucratic, and article 3 presented the view on one size fits all in project management environment.

In the last post we discuss the concept that project management cannot be one size fits all. In that post we talked about PMBOK and crossing domains. Today, we build on that challenge but with a shift in focus – the focus today is to advocate the need for industry specific knowledge base. Continue reading