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مجموعة حلقات قصيرة تعريفية عن ادارة المشاريع

مجموعة من الفيديوات القصيرة تتكلم عن ادارة المشاريع واهمية ادارة المشاريع


الفيديو الاول – مقدمة

Redefining Project Management Blog by SUKAD - Views and Visitors per Year

Happy New Year – The Blog in Numbers

Hello Friends in the project management community.

I was hoping that my last blog this year will be to share with you my recent e-books on the PMBOK Guide but unfortunately these books are delayed a few days. Therefore, I am closing the year with some statistics about our blog. Continue reading

Is project management certification valuable?


“Certification is a must!”

“Certification is valuable!”

“Certification nice but does not add significant value!”

“Eliminate the accidental project manager – certify them”

“Certification is required”

There are too many arguments and positions on the value of certifications so what is reality, if there is one? The reality is limited to one fact: there is no agreement on the value of certification; at least in the domain of project management. Continue reading