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The SUKAD Way for Managing Projects

The path ahead – open letter

Dear Friends

We had started blogging about 3 years ago but inconsistently and on various platforms. However, in September 2012, we re-launched our blog site on its own URL (http://blog.sukad.com) with the title Redefining Project Management. We chose this title since we realize there are many gaps in the practice of project management today, some due to inconsistencies in global standards and guides, some due to misunderstandings of these standards, among other reasons.

The bottom line is that we are not defining project management since this subject has been around for a long time, and many notable thought leaders and practitioners have contributed to the growth of project management extensively. However, we feel obligated to “redefine” what some of us know and practice. This redefine includes new approaches that came from our own research and development, along with identifying inconsistencies, closing gaps, and re-explaining misunderstood concepts.

Path Ahead

Since we have already re-launched our blog on this site in September 2012, we have published more than 120 posts. Over the next few weeks/months, we update and re-post all of these articles along with publishing new ones. We intend to publish / re-publish once a day.

We ask that if you enjoy these articles is to subscribe, share, re-blog, comment, and debate with us. You can also join us as a guest author.

We also ask that if you are reading these posts via LinkedIn or other platforms, to consider posting your comments on the LinkedIn group but also on the blog site itself. We know this is an extra step, but if we can consolidate the comments in one place it would be more beneficial to all stakeholders.

Additional Resources

The SUKAD Way for Managing Projects

The SUKAD Way for Managing Projects

In addition to the blog site we have other sites that you might find useful:

  1. For our Arabic readers, there is the Arabic Blog Site:  http://blog-ar.sukad.com … if you like to translate some of these articles into other languages, you can do so without our consent, as long as you credit the source, and appreciate if you let us know.
  2. The SUKAD Way site – including info about our research and development http://sukadway.sukad.com
  3. The Project Management Knowledge Portal, where we publish case studies, templates, white papers, presentations, e-books and other educational content – on a complimentary basis and under Creative Commons guidelines.

Regards and thank you for your trust! We appreciate your feedback!