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What are the changes to the PMBOK Guide? PGR2

Now that the PMBOK Guide is officially out, what are the changes – officially now?

We are likely to write a few posts on this subject.

Today’s topic will focus on the changes in the processes.  Continue reading

How to reduce the size of the PMBOK Guide? PGR1

With the recent release of the PMBOK Guide edition, I felt it is important to reflect back on something I wrote a long time ago and worth sharing again.

Before we move on to this article. This article focuses on the size of the guide not because we are interested in how many KG it weighs or how many pages but to answer a fundamental question: is the current size of the guide appropriate to its valuable content?

Then a related question: cannot we have the valuable information in the guide (all parts) transferred via 600 pages, 400 pages, or even a 200 pages document?

We can discuss content and specific topics in other blog posts.

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How to transform the PMBOK® Guide?

Over the last twenty years, the PMBOK® Guide has been evolving with the growth of project management. The guide grew from nine knowledge areas to ten, from thirty-seven processes to forty-seven and from less than 200 pages to more than 600 pages.

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Project Management Plan per PMBOK 5

Are the changes from PMBOK® 4 to PMBOK® 5 significant?

Please see the bottom of this article for an update


The PMBOK current edition was published a few months ago and we had written a few articles in relation to the change. This month, the PMP exam will change from using the PMBOK 4 (4th edition) to PMBOK 5 (5th edition) as the basis for the exam. With every change (once in 4 years typically people may panic, get excited, become curious … or whatever else they feel about the change. Some make the change sounds so significant with the “addition of 5 processes” and “new knowledge area” but is the change significant?

In this article, we will try to deflate some of the blown up rhetoric and say the change is mostly cosmetic, although there are a few interesting changes, with the value of the change debatable. Continue reading