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Is this a qualified PMI Registered Education Provider?

In the past we have written a few posts about the quality of project management training and even the quality of some providers that have been approved by PMI as Registered Education Provider (R.E.P.). Continue reading

Myths about PMI and PM Training

Recently we have published an article on Myth and thoughts about project management. Today, after a couple of independent exchanges on Facebook, we are writing this post with an emphasis on myths about PMI (The Project Management Institute) and PM training. Continue reading

How to build a sustainable organizational project management system?

How to build a sustainable organizational project management system? Why is it important to build such a system? We have a PMO, is not this enough?

Join us for a workshop in Singapore on how to build and sustain the Organizational Project Management System, from policies to methods, processes, procedures … Continue reading

How to select a project management training provider?

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Why This Article

Due to the popularity of project management certification, especially PMP Training, we have seen since 2005 a huge jump in training providers, at least in the region we operate in. There is nothing wrong in an increase in number of providers as long as they are quality providers. Yet, this is not the case! Read more Continue reading

Which is the better PM or PMP training?


At SUKAD we challenge a famous motto that says: “The client is always right” and we replace it with: “An aware client is always right”. This subtle change is important, especially in relation to this specific situation: PMP[1] Training. Continue reading

Is project management simple? (1/6 PM challenges)

We continue our series on Project Management Challenges and opportunities.The last two articles were general and discussed project management as a growing domain and the shift from traditional management to project management. This article covers the first out of six challenges. All of these articles are from an upcoming eBook. Continue reading