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How to build a sustainable organizational project management system?

How to build a sustainable organizational project management system? Why is it important to build such a system? We have a PMO, is not this enough?

Join us for a workshop in Singapore on how to build and sustain the Organizational Project Management System, from policies to methods, processes, procedures … Continue reading

Awakening the giant within: are you ready to awaken yours?

This article is the second of a series that we published in a regional magazine a few years back. The concepts that we discussed then and the message of these articles are still applicable today, hence the republication here!

Not long ago, a giant started to turn and toss, stretch and yawn, and hesitantly started to crawl out of its deep and long sleep. Is it our bear waking up from hibernation? Is it the noise of other bears waking up that is forcing our bear to weak up? Or is it a sub-conscious awareness of a challenge ahead, a danger, or a great opportunity that is leading to this awakening? Who or what is this giant? Where did it come from? And Continue reading

How to implement project management in a not-for-profit environment – 1?

As I mentioned in the last post, I have recently been corresponding with a colleague on project management and how to apply project management in the not-for-profit / non-governmental-organizations (NGO) environment. Our correspondence led to two questions:

  1. What are the basic project management mechanisms to implement projects in the private sector? This was the topic of our last post, and
  2. Focusing on the NGO sector, what project management mechanisms should be used? In other words, lets talk about the process of project development (from initiation through implementation to termination) … this is today’s article.

One clarification: in the context of this article we will use NGO to refer to not-for-profit and non-governmental organizations. Continue reading

Project Management – Challenges, Opportunities, Methodology

As we said before, we have usually kept this blog site for project management and related articles only and not to use it for any announcement except where there is value to the community or news of high importance.

In this case – we are using this post to announce the launch of an eBook on project management. The last few posts were from this book, under the title, Project Management I: Challenges, Opportunities, Methodology. Continue reading

Is project management bureaucratic? (2/6 PM challenges)

We continue our series on Project Management Challenges and opportunities. All of these articles are from a published eBook.This is second of six challenges.

Another challenge that we observe, which limits the growth of the proper practice of project management, is the perception that it is bureaucratic. “Do you really want me to do all of this paperwork? I could be done with my project by then.” Another comment: “We do not have time to plan.” A recent comment: “Wow, we need an army of people to do all of this”!  Continue reading