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New LinkedIn and Facebook pages for CAM2P™

If you have been following this blog site, you would have noticed that many of our articles are around CAM2P™ (The Customizable and Adaptable Methodology for Managing Projects™). This is the project management methodological approach that SUKAD developed in 2007.

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What do you think – PMP demonstrate competency or knowledge?

I was triggered to post this article from an exchange on Facebook.

There are too many online groups promoting project management, project management certification, or both. Unfortunately, most encourage PMP certification as a savior of the global economy, managing companies, and ending world poverty. Of course, I am sarcastic but statement like these “Get your dream job. Free PMP exam support and material.” strikes you to be sarcastic. Continue reading

Would you pursue PMP if the processes are like this?

PMBOK® Guide changes in number of processes

Over the years, the number of the processes in the PMBOK® Guide has ranged between 39 and 47, if I am not mistaken. The largest number of processes is in the latest edition, published in 2013. Continue reading

Is this a qualified PMI Registered Education Provider?

In the past we have written a few posts about the quality of project management training and even the quality of some providers that have been approved by PMI as Registered Education Provider (R.E.P.). Continue reading

Is the Project Management Institute (PMI) changing direction?

I raise this question “Is the Project Management Institute (PMI) changing direction?” to generate some discussions on whether PMI is indeed changing its direction of it is being a follower or a leader for project management?

Initially, we posted this article without offering much of our opinion in order to generate discussions, which it did on some online groups. A respected colleague suggested that we offer our views here, which we will do in this updated version – using blue font.

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Interesting Statistics about PMI in West Asia

I have recently been looking at some data on PMI membership and certifications in the region (West Asia). These statistics are quite interesting and raise so many questions. I will just show some numbers and without comments.

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To trust or not to trust: a PMP training provider case

In this article we discuss a situation that is somewhat representative of the project management training – in particular PMP training. This case reflects some of the bad situations out in the market but we must stress this is not about all providers. Like everything else in life there are good, bad, and ugly situations.

We wrote this article almost 2 years ago but we see the situations are still around so we publish again! Continue reading

Do you want to improve your success in delivering projects?

Are you a holder of the CAPM®, PMP®, or other certifications and still have some uncertainties about how to manage projects effectively? You are not alone! Many studies (Standish Group CHAOS Report, Independent Projects Analysis, Oxford Universities …) show that most projects still fail or are challenged. Despite the fact that IPMA, PMI, and other associations existed for about 50 years we still generate a high level of failed projects. Continue reading