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A Ziggurat - Uruk PPM Platform

How to use rolling wave planning during a phase of a project?

In the past, we wrote a series of posts and recorded videos on project scheduling, including rolling wave planning. Further, in our main book on CAMMP, Project Management beyond Waterfall and Agile, we also addressed planning in general. In the book, we stressed the need to think, act, and manage at the project level and at the stage level. Today, we have received a request, from a professional who is taking one of the SUKAD PM Quest online courses. The learner’s question triggered this post.

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Murphy's Law

What happens when Murphy takes over the house?

Many, if not most people in project management know Murphy or Murphy’s Law. According to the Murphy’s Law Website, “If anything can go wrong, it will“. For more information about the origin of this law, visit http://www.murphys-laws.com/murphy/murphy-true.html.

What does this mean to us in project management?

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pmbok-guide-part-1-current reality

How to transform the PMBOK® Guide?

Once again – happy New Year to all. We wish you a great year. 

Over the last couple of months, we have been publishing some chapters from our recent e-books on transforming the PMBOK® Guide. The e-books are finally published and we want to share them with you. Continue reading

Do you see a need to separate management planning from detailed planning?

We all know about project management plan. Those who study PMBOK(r) Guide know about the management plans (project or stage) consists of subsidiary plans for scope, cost, quality and all other topics. Continue reading

Finish to Start with a Lead

What is the difference between Fast Tracking and Lead/Lag?

Often enough in our classes we find professionals confuse “lead” with “fast track”, both scheduling terms. In the last few days, there are pictures posted on Facebook that is showing this confusion. Continue reading

Memorization can make a PMP but a lousy PM

Although project management is one of my passions and I have been in this domain close to 30 years; every once in a while I run into something online that make me say what the heck; how badly did PMI degrade project management.

What is see often on online groups, make titles like ‪#‎PMP‬ for ‪#‎Dummies‬ sound like an advance topic.

I have seen the ads for Mastering Project Management in 5 days. I have seen ads inviting people to memorize the ITTO (Inputs – Tools & Techniques – Outputs). I have seen the illegal copies of books online. I have also seen people posting questions online using resources that are out of date. I do not know what else is out there.

Today – I ran into 8 or 10 minute video showing people how to memorize the process groups and 47 processes. The video offers tricks and using things like DDMMCDXXX to memorize some of these things. Using another verbal trick to memorize the process groups. I have no problem using tricks to remember things; it can be a good approach for some. However, if a PMP aspirant need a trick like “… Melvyn Cries Continuously” to memorize the process groups – did blow my roof today.

Again – I am not against memorizing tricks for names or other things – but for the basics?

If project managers do not understand that:

  1. Before they do the project work they must have a plan (Planning) >>>> and
  2. Before the plan they need to have authorization (Initiating) >>>>
  3. If they do not know that when they are DOING work (Executing) they need
  4. To keep their eyes on the goal (Monitoring) and
  5. Adjusting when necessary (Controlling) >>>> and
  6. Finally when done to close the project (or phase) (Closing) >>>>>

If they have to memorize the above, then how could those people be certified #PMP?

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Would you pursue PMP if the processes are like this?

PMBOK® Guide changes in number of processes

Over the years, the number of the processes in the PMBOK® Guide has ranged between 39 and 47, if I am not mistaken. The largest number of processes is in the latest edition, published in 2013. Continue reading

Stage Management Plan and Stage Detailed Plan

What is the stage detailed planning?

This is the third article in a 3-article series on project / stage / phase planning. It is also from a new book that we are working on.

The first article covered the need to have two distinct plans instead of one for every stage. The second article addressed the management planning and the need for a stage management plan. Today, we cover the stage detailed planning.

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The Management Planning Processes

What is the stage management planning?

In the previous article, we discussed how The Customizable and Adaptable Methodology for Managing Projects™ differs from the PMBOK® Guide, specifically, in the area of planning. The main point was that there should be two plans instead of 1, one for management and one for the details.

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Stage Management Plan and Stage Detailed Plan

What are the project plans and the planning processes?

This blog post is part of a chapter from an e-book that we are working on at this time. The e-book is a simulation of how to apply a project management method (CAM2P™) on large and complex project integrating a project life span with the PMBOK® Guide. The focus of this part (of the chapter) is to discusses an alternative approach to the PMBOK® Guide planning processes, which we use in the sample project.


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