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Why “monitor” instead of “control” in PMBOK(r) Guide?

In the new PMBOK Guide, a few processes changed names to use the word “monitor” instead of “control” in the name of the process, like Monitor Risks instead of Control Risks.

Why the change and is this logical? Continue reading

How to control projects across the project life span? Part 4

Project control is vital for management of any projects. We learn to control against the plan but is there one plan on the project life span? If there is more than one plan, which plan do we control against?

Project Control

This is the fourth of a 4-part series on project control.

  • In the first one we offered an introduction to the subject in addition to the traditional view of project control.
  • In the second one, we introduced the first two control reference points per the CAM2P™ approach.
  • The third article addressed the third and fourth control reference points. Continue reading

What is the difference between the project life cycle and the project management life cycle?

This is a short post in response to a reader question on our last post.

What is the difference between the project life cycle and the project management life cycle? Continue reading

Why project planning is not a project phase

This post is an Appendix in a book we are finalizing at this time to send to the publisher; Redefining the Basics of Project Management is expected in the market by the end of March 2014.

It is common to hear the following question: “how much effort should we spend on planning” or “how long should the project planning phase be.”

Our answer is Continue reading

Managing Project Success

We title this post as Managing Project Success, since it is the same topic as a workshop we are planning for this September in the Island of Cyprus. We usually do not use this blog to announce courses but we are making an exception this time due to the value of this topic to project management and the need to consider project success from a strategic perspective. Continue reading