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A series of short videos on project management (English + عربي)

SUKAD has been working to help promote professional project management since our founding in 2004.

In addition to local events, we have been publishing this blog site and another in Arabic since 2011. We have a knowledge portal with some open information and other info that is restricted to SUKAD clients.

In this short message, we want to highlight the SUKAD YouTube Channel and our recent short videos series, one in English and the other in Arabic. These are casual videos with our interest to pass a message.

The images below show the current videos in the short videos series. The first image lists the 13 English videos and the second one the 12 Arabic videos that have been published as of today.

iSMILE - Project Management Short Videos

المعرفة في ادارة المشاريع

Why did SUKAD decide to partner with GPM® Global?

Why did SUKAD decide to partner with GPM® Global?

In today’s post, we mix it up a bit. We will discussion business, passion, and project management. Recently, SUKAD has signed an agreement to represent GPM in West Asia, including GCC, Lebanon, and other countries in the region. After 12 years in the regional market, why did SUKAD decide to join the GPM® Global community? Why did we partner with them to offer project management and sustainability services?

Well, it is all about values, passion, and the five Ps. Continue reading

What are the performance metrics for managing projects?

How do organizations measure project and project management performance? Is it based on a customer satisfaction survey or is there more to it? Is it enough to measure the performance of a given project or should we also measure the organizational performance in delivering projects? Continue reading

Three principles of project management … ?

This is the first of a series of short articles on “Three principles of …

In this article we will just tease you and introduce the various sets of three principles …

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Is building a PMO the right answer or do we need OPM?

This article (actually a presentation) is a follow up to the last post on OPM.

At the end of September 2014, we had the pleasure and opportunity to support the Dubai International Project Management Forum (DIPMF.ae) where we led a 3-hour workshop on how to build the organizational project management system. The workshop slides were in the previous post.

In addition to the workshop, we had a short presentation on how to transform from PMO (project management office) to OPM (organizational project management).

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How to build an organizational project management system?

In the past we did publish a few articles about project management office (PMO), organizational project management (OPM), project management methodology, and similar topics.

At the end of September 2014, we had the pleasure and opportunity to support the Dubai International Project Management Forum (DIPMF.ae) where we led a 3-hour workshop on how to build the organizational project management system. Continue reading

What is the link of OPM to QMS and organizational culture?

Organizational Project Management

In a recent workshop on organizational project management (OPM) a participant asked me what is the link of OPM to QMS, Quality Management System?

Before we can answer, let us briefly explain what is a process and how processes fit into our lives and our organizations. Continue reading

A few short videos on organizational project management

We have not been able to write frequently and we hope our readers can forgive us for that. It has been an extremely busy period for us delivering workshops from Singapore to Baghdad in addition to Dubai, Abu Dhabi and other locations. In addition to delivering other services to clients across West Asia.

In addition, we are also working on a few e-books and books to publish in the upcoming months.

What we want to share today is a few short videos that were recorded in a recent workshop in Singapore that cover topics such project organization structure, PMO, OPM, the SUKAD CAM2P Model … and other topics. Click here for our YouTube Channel and watch these videos.

Is the Project Management Institute (PMI) changing direction?

I raise this question “Is the Project Management Institute (PMI) changing direction?” to generate some discussions on whether PMI is indeed changing its direction of it is being a follower or a leader for project management?

Initially, we posted this article without offering much of our opinion in order to generate discussions, which it did on some online groups. A respected colleague suggested that we offer our views here, which we will do in this updated version – using blue font.

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How to implement OPM system – the PMI way

The Project Management Institute (PMI) has just published Implementing Organizational Project Management: Practice Standard.

In this – just published standard – it emphasize the importance of tailoring a project management methodology. However, the main focus is on implementing an organizational system. We are happy to see this publication especially that we have been advocating the need for an organizational approach to building an effective and sustainable system. For example, in Chapter 5 of our recent book, Redefining the Basics of Project Management, we discussed the challenges facing project management and one of them is the lack of an institutional (organizational) project management approach.

However, what was interesting are the following:

  • This new standard dedicated a chapter for the need to tailor a project management methodology. We do not want to brag – may be a little – SUKAD developed The Customizable and Adaptable Methodology for Managing Projects™ (CAM2P™) back in 2007; 7 years before this standard. We had published our first book on CAM2P™ in 2010, a series of e-books in 2013 and now  Redefining the Basics of Project Management.

The Customizable and Adaptable Methodology for Managing Projects™ (CAM2P™)

The SUKAD 7Es™ (Seven Elements of Project Management Maturity)

The SUKAD 7Es™ (Seven Elements of Project Management Maturity™) – a Model for Building the Organizational Project Management System


1. We are ahead of PMI
2. What we have does not contradict PMI 

In the future we will write more about this subject!