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How to discover your genius?

This post is somewhat related to the previous two posts.

Please note – discovering your genius is not about reaching a genius level. Some are judging the article without reading. It is about being the best that you could be whether you have average or high intelligence!

As I work with professionals and youth, some often ask me for advice about careers. I am not a career counselor but in project management, I have enough experience to say something that could be of value.

What is my advice (one of a few) regarding a career in general? Read the background first but if not patient jump to the end :). Continue reading

Two short videos on project management, entrepreneurship, and SUKAD

The-SUKAD-Team-at-Dubai-SME100-Award-CeremonyAll of our blogs has been text blogs so far and we will experiment with video blogs in the future. In the mean time we want to share these two short videos with you all. You can access the videos through our Project Management Knowledge Portal via http://knowledge.sukad.com/videos-and-audios or directly from the host site per below. Continue reading