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What is required to achieve organizational Excellence in project management?

Via this post, we want to share with you a few videos, about 10 minute each. These videos are from a workshop that SUKAD conducted for our clients in Dubai.

The videos are by my colleague and friend, SUKAD Vice President Mr. Luc Bauwmans. Luc is heading to Australia later this year; maybe will have SUKAD Asia-Pacific in 2016.

This is the link to the first video and from the SUKAD Channel you can access the other videos.

SUKAD Group has a Consultancy and Organizational Solutions division where we can help organizations implement, review, audit their projects or PM systems and can even build from scratch a sustainable organizational project management system.


Three principles of project management … ?

This is the first of a series of short articles on “Three principles of …

In this article we will just tease you and introduce the various sets of three principles …

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How to sustain and grow project management?


Project Management is a profession!

No,  it is not!

The PMBOK Guide is the best practice!

No,  it is not!

The PMI Methodology!

PMI does not have a methodology! Continue reading

Project management a growing domain


With this article we are starting a new series with the theme Project Management Current Reality: Challenges and Opportunities. I am not sure how many posts will fall under this theme but will try to address various topics, each in a dedicated short and concise post. Most of these topics are from the first three chapters in an upcoming eBook that we are publishing, which we will share on our project management knowledge portal once available. Continue reading

What are the differences between standard, framework, and methodology?

In this blog post, we respond to questions from a friend, who has been following this blog.

The Questions

“I sincerely thank you for all your valuable input on SUKAD blogs; I refer to it when I have some inquiries and it is really always interesting. I have a question; I need your expertise and support in; I didn’t know how to reach you so if you don’t mind I am sending it to you by email. Continue reading