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Project and program management: core skills for knowledge workers ?

Are, Project and Program Management skills, core skills for knowledge workers and their managers in the knowledge organization?

The Background

A couple of months ago, while Mounir and I were presenting a SUKAD Program Management course, we showed a slide of a front cover of Business Week magazine, featuring a photograph of Peter F. Drucker, the late great management guru. The picture was in support of the feature article, about why his ideas still matter in today’s organisations, and the cover bore the title “The man who invented management”. Continue reading

Management competence, in the age of knowledge worker


When we talk about competence, we almost always automatically think about technical or operational competence, how good people are at performing their jobs.  This is quite natural, as analyzing and improving competence is seen as a management responsibility, and therefore reflects on the people that are managed, i.e. people in the operational part of the organization.[1] Continue reading