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PMBOK Guide Process Categories

Do the process categories in PMBOK Guide make sense? PGR8

Continuing with the PMBOK Guide reviews, this is the last post on the Standard part of the book, Part 2.

In this post, we also focus on the numbers in relation to the new process categorization.

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How to better understand the planning processes of the PMBOK Guide?

Although this article is independent of the previous one, it would be useful to read the last article first. This article is also part of a book that is currently with the publisher and likely to be released to the market before the summer.

The following discussion is for the planning processes, within a phase. It is based on PMBOK® Guide, but a similar analysis can be used for ISO 21500.

There are processes, one in each knowledge area that focuses on the management of the knowledge area, including all other processes.

Management Planning

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Why some processes are not PMBOK Guide processes?

We know, the title may sound awkward or missing a few words, this is why we need to read on.

What are we talking about?

Maybe the question should be what is (1) a process and (2) a PMBOK Guide process?

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pmbok-guide-part-1-current reality

How to transform the PMBOK® Guide?

Once again – happy New Year to all. We wish you a great year. 

Over the last couple of months, we have been publishing some chapters from our recent e-books on transforming the PMBOK® Guide. The e-books are finally published and we want to share them with you. Continue reading

Integrating Project Life Span with Process Groups

How to manage large and complex projects?

Over the last few years, we have been publishing this blog site, e-books, and books. Some of the articles were from the books that we are publishing and vice versa.

Today, as we close on 200 articles (this is no 200) we want to share with you our latest book, it is CAM2P™ for Mega Projects.

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How to manage a project across the project life cycle?

Managing a project across the project life spanOut of the 5 eBooks that we have published to date, this one is closer to my heart.

In this eBook we cover a few major topics that are often lost by project management professionals (PMP) and those who study the PMBOK® Guide.

The PMBOK® Guide only briefly mention the project life cycle but put a great deal of emphasis on knowledge areas, process groups and processes.

The main focus of this eBook is how to map these topics ACROSS the project life cycle? In prior articles, we discussed mapping the process groups to the project life cycle but today we focus on some of the knowledge areas. Continue reading

Project Management Plan per PMBOK 5

Are the changes from PMBOK® 4 to PMBOK® 5 significant?

Please see the bottom of this article for an update


The PMBOK current edition was published a few months ago and we had written a few articles in relation to the change. This month, the PMP exam will change from using the PMBOK 4 (4th edition) to PMBOK 5 (5th edition) as the basis for the exam. With every change (once in 4 years typically people may panic, get excited, become curious … or whatever else they feel about the change. Some make the change sounds so significant with the “addition of 5 processes” and “new knowledge area” but is the change significant?

In this article, we will try to deflate some of the blown up rhetoric and say the change is mostly cosmetic, although there are a few interesting changes, with the value of the change debatable. Continue reading