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The accidental project manager – challenge to executives

We are re-publishing this from a year ago (or more).


This article is a follow-up on two prior posts that we published recently. It is also in response to various online exchanges on the topic of Accidental Project Manager. The previous articles were:

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Are you an accidental project manager? My wife is

If you read our last article and you are reading this article now good news and welcome back to a fun article. We are re-publishing this from a year ago (or more).

Read this Article in ArabicIn the last article we talked about the accidental project manager and we explained that the term is not offensive at all; if it was offensive, my project manager would have fired me a long time ago (imagine a funny face). She actually edited and approved this article after a lecture on my house duties with one task at a time (you will understand when you finish reading). Continue reading

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Are you an accidental project manager?

Originally published in September 2013, updated November 2013.

Are you an accidental project manager?

I hope that no one get offended by this term since the use of this term in our view is not offensive at all, rather it reflects a common reality. It is for those non-project managers who are asked and expected to manage projects.

Read this Article in ArabicHowever, if anyone object to the term, we truly apologize in advance and humbly ask you to read on and you might find out that our intentions are good. Continue reading