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A Tale of Two Megaprojects

In the previous post, we wrote explaining why we are writing a book about megaprojects. In this post, I will share one of the chapters that discuss two megaprojects. These megaprojects share a lot of similarities but different outcomes. This chapter is from my upcoming book, Leading Megaprojects, a Tailored Approach.

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Managing Project Success

We title this post as Managing Project Success, since it is the same topic as a workshop we are planning for this September in the Island of Cyprus. We usually do not use this blog to announce courses but we are making an exception this time due to the value of this topic to project management and the need to consider project success from a strategic perspective. Continue reading

How to measure project success? CAM2P™ versus PMBOK® Guide

This is the fourth and last article in a four-article series on the subject of project success. Article 1 was mostly an introduction to the subject; article 2 was explaining the four dimensions; article 3 provided an example, real case study, and this article, compares the application of this concept to PMBOK® Guide.


In November of 2012, the author was invited as one of the keynote speakers at the PMI Lebanon Chapter first annual conference, we chose this subject – but the presentation time was about 25 minutes only. The audience was a mix of experienced professionals, students, managers, project managers, and PMPs. Continue reading

How to measure project success? Example per the four dimensions!

This is the third article in a four-article series on the subject of project success. Article 1 was mostly an introduction to the subject; article 2 was explaining the four dimensions, and this article provides an example, real case study.


Usually in our classes, such as the Introduction to Project Management, we have the class participants’ work on real projects from their work environment. This is beneficial since the participants can readily relate the learning and apply it, starting from the class, especially when the course is about a project management methodology. Continue reading

How to measure project success? The four dimensions!

This is the second article in a four-article series on the subject of project success.


In the previous article, we stated that we are discussing project success,

  • From an organizational perspective; not individuals, and
  • From the owner perspective; not the service provider.

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How to measure project success?

We had originally published this post more than a year ago on our old blog platform. We re-publish an updated version here through a short series of articles. We will also provide links to a chapter from an upcoming book by the author and a presentation on the subject. The links will be with the last article in the series.

Subjective Project Success Assessment

Success and failure are often highly subjective terms, especially for projects and in project management. The question of success is dependent on the perspective of the stakeholders. It is common that one stakeholder might perceive a project a success while another consider it a failure. Then how can we remove some, or most, of the subjectivity from deciding if a project is successful or not?

In this series,  we will offer our professional opinion and open a debate on the subject. Continue reading

One of the three almost devastating mistakes I made as an entrepreneur


As an entrepreneur, I have made many mistakes and I will write about them in due time. Out of the numerous mistakes I made, three in particular almost devastated the company I co-founded. Today we will talk about one of those mistakes.

The objective of this story is not Mounir but the decisions and lessons that we share that many entrepreneurs could be facing. Continue reading

Case Study, a failed PMO implementation

In the last few posts, we have focused on PMO (project management office) and PMO Implementation. Here is what we published so far:

In today’s article, we share a case study of a failed PMO Implementation project. In the next article, we will share with you a maturity model that we use to help minimize the risk of PMO and OPM System implementation failure. Continue reading

Why some PMO fails or are challenged?

Why some (or maybe many) Project Management Offices, PMO fails? What are the gaps in PMO implementation that could be contributing to their failures? What is the organizational impact? Why a failed PMO might damage project management in the organization or at least dilute its value? Many questions we are posing here to open the discussion.

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The accidental project manager; challenge to executives

This article is a follow-up on two prior posts that we published recently. It is also in response to various online exchanges on the topic of Accidental Project Manager. The previous articles were:

  1. Are you an accidental project manager? and
  2. Are you an accidental project manager? My wife is.

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